Three Quarter Size Bagpipes.


In Scotland it used to be common for small children to start playing on a 3/4 size bagpipe, (sometimes known as Reel Pipes) before they would try to wrestle with the full size Great Highland Pipe, similar to the idea of beginner violins and other instruments. This bagpipe has been designed to operate with regular sized synthetic drone and modern chanter reeds.
The chanter bore is narrower and the finger holes smaller than a normal chanter, the volume is balanced to the smaller drones. Chanters are available in A440, Bb 466, or a modern pitch around 472.
The 3/4 pipe will pitch easily at B-flat(466hz), and with the appropriate chanter work at modern pitch, or with reed extenders can play at A 440 Hz. This flexibility means these pipes have a broad appeal, not just for children or beginners, but also for the advanced player wanting to play indoors or with other instruments. These pipes are available in Cocobolo or Mexican Royal Ebony wood for warm and rich tone.
All sets can be mounted with aluminum, brass, imitation horn or imitation ivory beaded ferrules and caps.
Fully beaded and combed, or plain, smooth turned, stocks, sticks and delrin chanter $1350.00
Now available in delrin, 
Plain turned, no ferrules $900.00
Delrin, fully beaded and combed with aluminum ferrules and caps $1050.00