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I just had to write you.
Just got back from an informal session, with my band mates. Took my
bodhron, small pipes, and of course, my new pipes.
Properly oiled and fitted to a new bag yesterday, I did some fine
tuning on the easy strength Kinnaird drone reeds I am using in them,
and some scraping on an easy drone chanter reed. At first, I didn't
care for the light pressure needed to produce such a fine sound, but I
got used to it, along with the higher pitch than I'm used to.
I have found the chanter to be bright, and clear, well balanced (tape
on the E and D), and the drones, unbelievable. I have always scored
well on my tuning and sound of the pipes, but I have never heard pipes
that literally "Lock in" like these.

They are well worth the wait.

Thank you

Sheldon Hamblin


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